Personalized Biomarkers is a three-month-long branding project in which a design group developed a brand identity system for Personalized Biomarkers Inc. (PBI), a diabetes research company specialized in biomarker development.

The branding process focussed on the company’s potential employees and involved co-creation methodologies, data analysis, and secondary research. The goal was to design an innovative brand identity that forms an engaging corporate culture and speaks to PBI’s target audience (diabetic patients).


brand identity, design research


medical, co-creation, research analysis


Danni Peng, Cindy Wu


Based on our given stakeholder group, the project’s design question was: How might we develop a brand strategy that makes PBI an attractive medical research company for its future employees?

Logo, typeface & tagline

The final logo is consisted of an abstract shape with a personalized finger print to create an organic and approachable logo that highlighted the caring quality of PBI’s personalized service. With the consideration of different audience groups, we used “innovative healthcare just for you” as our tagline.

Digital deliverable


A responsive company website that provides online company information, patient contact and career seeking opportunities.

Print deliverables


A stationary set is designed for the company in order to create a consistent brand image.


The viewbook will be used to provide potential employees a basic understanding of the company.

Custom merchandise

A set of customized company merchandise was designed to reinforce PBI’s corporate culture and its approach to welcome new employees.

This includes: mugs, pens, bags, and usbs.