Kudoz: designing for passionate and curious people with or without cognitive disabilities to explore novelty and connection.

Kudoz is a learning platform allowing passionate locals (“Hosts”) to share their hobbies and skills by hosting one-on-one experiences with adults living with a cognitive disability (“Kudoers”). After a Kudoer completes a three-month program sharing and experiencing novelties and life-long learning, the Kudoer becomes an independent alumnus and receives achievement badges and celebrations.

As the design intern, I created and refined print and web deliverables that are legible and respectful for people with cognitive disabilities. I explored methods to design personalized and welcoming touchpoints such as activity kits and icon cards whle maintaining a cohesive visual representation—balancing aesthetics and functionality


communication design


social design, community-based service design, experience platform, cognitive disability

Touchpoint materials

Touchpoint materials are created to help Kudoers reflect on their needs and experiences in Kudoz. A learning coach will facilitate discussions during one on one meetup sessions.

Experience planner

Kudoers are also eligible to become hosts like any other qualified locals. Kudoz will provide host related resources and workshops, such as an experience planner worksheet.

Growth bash

Growth Bash is an annual event held by Kudoz to celebrate the growth and learning progresses made by Kudoers, hosts, and members of the Kudoz community.

During the award ceremony, Kudoers will receive their customized badges and a “sigmo sheet” that shows their achievements at Kudoz. Hosts and special nominators will also receive designed badges to commemorate their contributions.